Monday, 29 December 2008

Exhibits, Dancing, Payments and New Additions to the Family

The second attempt at this post: 

It has been a busy couple of weeks but now its time to indulge with Christmas television and chocolate nibbles. 

(Originally this was all in nice paragraphing and it took me a hour to write but now its bullet points just in case it evaporates again)


  • Went to the Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster exhibit at the Tate Modern. It was like walking in a Science fiction movie with the regimented metal-framed bunkbed rows. It felt surreal and creepy as if the world had ended. 
  • Ventured through the Christmas crowds and traffic jams on the pavements to reach the Madison Gallery to see the Writer's Rooms Exhibit. The photographs of author's writing spaces have originally appeared in a weekly Guardian column. The majority had laptops, three had a chunky PC and a few still had typewriters. 
  • The boyfriend and I went and saw the visually stunning Edward Scissorhands. I originally saw it three years ago but the dancing, storyline and mise-en-scene was so magically that I had to go again as soon as I knew it was showing again. 


  • The new addition to the an Apple Macbook. Its sparkly white, shiny and sexy. If I had my way than 'guests' would have to wear surgical gloves to type on the virgin white keyboard. 
  • I have sent off some flash stories. Fingers crossed. 
  • I have been working and developing an idea. It could be too big for a short story. It might be a novel. 
  • I finally got paid for a piece of writing after several emails and checking PayPal everyday. 

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