Thursday, 20 November 2008

WorldSkills Awards Ceremony 2008

Last Thursday, I took Ma and Pa to the Imax Cinema in London and we spent the afternoon at the ceremony for Worldskills. It was a great day and we got to see lots of people being praised for a wide range of skills including nail art all the way to car mechanics. James Cracknell gave out the glass plaques and I also got my picture taken. But its a shame because on all the pictures he looks uninterested and also the chairman for the organisation has his eyes closed in mine. So its not a photo for the mantelpiece.

They even have an extract of Jasper's Betrayal on display in the foyer. And I overheard a few people being quite impressed by the small pieces. So that made my day :)
We had a great day in London and even got time to pop to Borders in Charing Cross!

- The Imax from Waterloo Train station.

Foyer full of guests and award winners


lisa said...

that's so cool! sorry to hear about the photo - but am I right in thinking that you have a glass plaque to grace your mantelpiece? I probably said it before, but: Congrats!!!

Jessica said...

I do indeed! It looks funky sitting on top of my bookcase! :)