Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Poetry Diary 2009

The poetry anthology arrived the other day in a carefully wrapped parcel. Inside is the poetry diary with my poem about Clementines rioting in a supermarket as a metaphor for Prisoners in Guantanamo bay. My family are proud, I'm proud. This week is making me feel like a "real writer".

There is one worry. The diary has no ISBN. So how will it appear on book databases? The ISBN is like a fingerprint for the title but this title has none. I suppose because I work for a book data company this sort of thing worries me now.

Lets hope the publishers do something about this.

Tomorrow is the Awards ceremony for WorldSkills. I'm getting nervous. I hope I don't have to make a speech because there is nothing prepared.

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Alienist said...

Congratulations, Jessicat!

One thing: How do you get the 'reading now' thing up?