Thursday, 16 October 2008

Disobedience - Naomi Alderman

Reluctantly I have finished Naomi Alderman's Disobedience. I have been trying to drag the last chapter over the last week so I didn't have to the close the world on Ronit, a woman trying to face her orthodox Jewish roots. But I couldn't resist it anymore on the train this morning and kept reading to find out how she is forced to think again about her past life in Hendon, North London.

Disobedience had been on my book shelf since it came out in paperback. I had tried to read the first chaper but at the time it wasn't for me and I could not break myself into the book. But Disobedience survived the culls that I have every six month to keep room on my shelves, and it was given another chance. Plucking it from the shelf has been the best reading choice I have made since the Mitfords book. It has been revealing about the Jewish culture which is almost OCD in its rituals. It describes Londno from a nook hidden from the surface. The changing voices and perspective within the chapters is insightful, giving a sharp aand poignant picture of Jewish Britain. As well as being touching, Alderman is bold and made me laugh out loud.

I'm surprised with myself for not going further the first time but I am glad I went back for another try. For the past few months, I have been reading books that offer no glimpses into deeper meanings but Alderman offers a guided-tour into the closed, tight-kint communites, sexuality. Its more than exposure of a community, its a commentary on the whole of society.

In the Back of the book was a interview with Naomi Alderman.
Writing Tips:

  • Probably the most difficult thing was the same thing that many first time novelists find difficult - just keeping the morale up.
  • Inspiration can come from anywhere - its just important to be open to it. It comes from anywhere that fasinates you and from staring into space.
  • Boredom is very important for inspiration.

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lisa said...

i like the idea that boredom can be inspiring - i'm glad writers don't have to have super-exciting lives in order to write!