Friday, 24 October 2008

Creativity time

According to the Guardian Website, the most creative time of day is 10.04pm. And the least creative time being 4.33pm. Its funny but I can relate to this especially when I was trying to write-on-demand for university. I could never do anything original during the afternoon. I had to save the time for editing or reading but never writing - it was like trying to squeeze water from a rock, impossible. But post-dinner time seems to be a second wind and I find ideas whirling around like a storm. Sometimes evaporating before I can make it to the notebook. Maybe I need to have more notebooks around the house.

Rob from Six Sentences sent out his regular newsletter this week. It had a great link to Hugh MacLeod's website. There's an interesting about "How to Be Creative features 30 tips on the subject, with original and intelligent elaborations on each tip. Its a great article - I need to print it off and have a thorough read at the weekend.

I have had a poem accepted on a website. More details to follow on the actual date of publication.

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lisa said...

congrats about poem! looking forward to reading it.
I'm so not creative at that time of night - my best writing time is mid-morning, after 2nd breakfast... I remember a teacher saying once that some people were larks, some were owls - some people work better in the morning, some in the evening - maybe that could apply to creativity too?