Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Clearing the Writer's head

For weeks there hadn't been a fresh word written on my laptop or in my notebook. I try and failed but all I could think about was this novel idea that I had started for my MA project and ways I could try to do something, anything with it. I would sit there thinking about the plot, about the characters (maybe I could change her relationships with minor characters or have her living in a farm house, or or or, etc). It wasn't going anywhere and it wasn't doing my writing any good.


I have decided to shelf the idea for a while.

I also got a rejection back from a magazine. The editor said they enjoyed the story but not this time. So, I am currently on Duotrope and looking for a new home for the story.

But I am feeling positive because I am writing after weeks of sitting and just thinking about a redundant idea.

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