Thursday, 4 September 2008

Writing Projects

Tomorrow I hand in my writing project for my Masters. What a painful experience it has been.
1.) Admissions seem to let anyone, and I mean anyone take this 'writing' course. If you can fill out the form then you could join.
2.) Tutors convincing us not to visit them outside the lessons
3.) Getting feedback for my project a few days before deadline with no positive notes. (It was my fault. I should not have emailed my work to him)

Basically, I have been disappointed with the course. I could have sat up last night trying to 'fix' my novel to fit my tutor's tastes but sometimes you need to know when to call it a day.
In a few weeks time I will probably go back to my work and start rethinking but I am exhausted of the course.
I thought it would put me off writing for a little while but yesterday I started the short story for the Boyfriend. Its going to be a late birthday present. Also I am enjoying writing it too!

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