Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Logan's Run

Last week the DVD I have wanted for years was advertised in the paper as being finally released. I nearly found myself jumping out of my seat on the train and telling the unsuspecting woman next to me. For years I have been obsessed with the dystopia world in Logan's Run - the themes of escaping authority, the future, brave new worlds, fighting the system. I had seen this film on the television as a child one Christmas and was amazed. After reading Nineteen-eighty four I knew it wasn't the most sophisticated story but I was still pining to own this film. I even contemplated buying a region one and then purchasing a multi-region DVD player. But then the tiny advert in the paper came to my rescue.
Rushing to the shop after a lunchtime gym session, I scanned the shelves and nothing. This was the shop that it was advertised. Heading to the counter and a girl in scruffy t-shirt and baggy jeans (she looked liked she has just fallen out of a mosh pit).
"Could you please search for Logan's Run?"
"Never heard of it," she mumbled.
Immediately I became defensive inside but I still smiled on the outside. The girl made no further movement to search on the computer or even help.
"Would your computer system know?"
She took a deep sigh and reluctantly marched to the computer.
The computer had said No. Apparently the film didn't exist. She gave me a look as if I were a crazy person sent to crush her precious world.
She told me to try the rival next door and shrugged. It was over.
I still don't own one of favourite childhood TV films - I didn't want to use the internet as I want to hold the physical item and have it immediately but I guess I will have to go crawling back.

PS. I am currently re-editing the 'birthday story' and also an online e-zine have asked for a rewrite on a poem.


Rob said...

Wow, I remember seeing "Logan's Run" as a kid in the theater and really loving it. (This was back when Farrah Fawcett was one of Charlie's Angels - she had a very small part in the film.)

Great movie!

actonbell said...

Good luck in obtaining your movie! I'd forgotten about that movie, but was very moved by 1984, as well. And I approve of your favorite books on your profile, too, btw:)

I landed here by black box. Happy Saturday!

Annie Wicking said...

Black box brought me here. Have you tried Ebay for the dvd of Logan's Run. I went to the picture house to see this film when it first came to the big screen.

Does this mean I'm must be getting on in years... lol

Best wishes,