Monday, 15 September 2008

Litcamp - the write up

(Friday 12th September)
Propelling through the countryside on the train as I head towards London. Trying to read and desperately finish Gods Behaving Badly but I am still tired. I was up until one this morning typing up a story from bits of notes just so that I can get some feedback. I didn't get much time to read through and analyse so I'm bracing myself for some harsh criticism. Rumblings of the train as it jolts along the track keeps me awake.

Met Kerry for a quick sip of a Starbucks and catch up. Then we headed down Holloway Road, passing a vintage clothes (pointed out by Kerry) (Need to visit at some point), heading towards my university. I was only here last week and I 'm sort of dreading being back. What if its as poorly organised as the lectures? Also see Lisa from my bookselling days in the crowd, has been a long time since I've seen both Kerry and Lisa. Was it the last time when we saw the recording of the radio 4 quiz show?

Talk one - Getting Inside the Editor's Head
  • Covering letter - indicate your potential market
  • Do homework about agent and cilents - reflect in the covering letter
  • Start covering letter with agent's name
  • Remember it is subjective - if an agent doesn't like it - send to another
  • Create an emotional pull into the book with your covering letter
  • With literay fiction the writing style is the most important
Talk two - Publishing in a Digital Age
  • Internet has readers and writers directly interacting
  • Writers can control their marketing with the internet
Talk three - The Short Story Route to Success
  • Surround yourself with people who understand
  • "I only want the stories that make you forget your reading" - instructions to the readers for Bridport prize
  • When editing:
  1. Effectiveness of the title
  2. Opening paragraph
  3. Special characters
  4. Dialogue
  5. Thematic depth
  6. pacing
  7. Seduction of the piece
Talk four - The Last Page (Novel)
  • Swirling idea in the head
  • Self drive and determination

My feedback was positive and I was agreed with the criticism - it needed sme reshaping and rearranging with some of the events - an idea I had been thinking about on the journey towards Litcamp. The event ws great fun and would love to go again to attend the other talks that I missed.


Kerry said...

Lovely to see you too. There's a funny picture of our back floating around somewhere on the net and I'm waving half a banana around!!

Molly said...

Visiting via black box...hello from Atlanta!