Thursday, 11 September 2008

Lit Camp is tomorrow


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Arrival/Coffee/Intro/Sign-up for Evening Session/10-minute Zone

DIY Book: a self-publisher’s story - Paul Ewen

Paul Ewen, who self published a book of short fiction, London Pub Reviews, shares his experiences in a workshop session that covers the basic steps you must go through if you choose the self-publish route. Joining him is Carol Barnes of

The first page

A confidence-building session for people new to writing. Imaginative exercises to help you to find inspiration in the ordinary, create characters that live and breathe. Tutor: Bridget Whelan.
prose - all levels

Getting inside the editor’s head

Rosalind Porter, senior editor with Granta magazine, Laura Barber of Portobello Books, and Tom Chalmers of Legend Press open the lid on publishing from the editor’s point of view. Later in the session, we hear from agent Hannah Westland of Rogers Coleridge & White about where she, as an agent, fits into that process.
fiction - advanced


Finding, or inventing, the right place for your work

Dr Sarah Law, poet and tutor at London Metropolitan University, talks with Les Robinson, director of Tall Lighthouse Press, and poet Maggie Butt about innovative ways for young poets to drive their careers forward, including how to write poetry for a public setting.

Buffet lunch provided. Time to meet and mingle, browse the book table, take part in the 10-minute Zone, or use the Writing Room - perhaps even to draft a fresh piece for the Evening Session.

10-Minute Zone

A space for informal discussion on writing-related topics of relevance to LitCampers. Sign up on the day, or just show up. Speakers have 4 mins, then it’s open to the floor. Change of topic every 10 minutes. Runs at lunch/recesses, or whenever, for people seeking an interactive space.


From Wannabe to Published

Not every would-be writer successfully manages this transition, but Jane Wenham-Jones has done. The novelist, freelance journalist and non-fiction author has pragmatic tips to offer writers who are just starting out.


Publishing in a digital age: how does the writer go forward?

Keith Ridgway, the author of three novels and of shorter fiction, wonders how the increasing array of digital publishing possibilities will impact on the traditional relationships between writers, agents and publishers, and readers. Discussion with agent Hannah Westland of RCW, digital publishing executive with Pan Macmillan, Michael Bhaskar, and digital publisher Val Stephenson of Nth Position.


Poetry workshop with Sarah Law

An exercise based workshop designed to strengthen writing abilities for anyone new to poetry or needing fresh inspiration. Sarah Law has published two collections of poetry with Stride. Her third, Perihelion, is published by Shearsman Books.
poetry - all levels

The short story path to success - Vanessa Gebbie

A writer who has won many awards for her stories and whose first short fiction collection Words From A Glass Bubble was recently published by Salt Books, Vanessa Gebbie shares ideas on developing your writing strategy, the importance of networking, and whether to blog.
short fiction - all levels

How to make a living while you write

Earn a living while you draft and revise your magnum opus. Bridget Whelan teaches at City Lit and Goldsmiths College, London. Her first novel A Good Confession is soon to be published by Severn House and she is also the author of a short book Make Money from Your Writing.

Coffee break + 10-minute Zone continues, featuring Courttia Newland, co-founder and editor of Tell Tales.

Willesden Green Writers Group

The first time this group published a book of its members’ work, they won a prestigious award. Here to share practical tips for how to run a successful writer-led group are leader Anne Mullane, and editor of their next book Bilal Ghafoor. Reading work developed in the group is Jarred McGinnis.


The Last Page

Farahad Zama and Nicholas Hogg discuss the challenges of completing a first novel, and ways of managing plot to ensure the final cut is one that works for readers. Nicholas is the author of Show Me the Sky, and Farahad’s forthcoming novel The Marriage Bureau for Rich People will be published in 2009 by Little Brown.

All day

The Writing Room

A quiet space open all day for a break, note-taking reading etc. Laptops may be used, internet access tbc.

The Evening Session

Katy Darby of Liars League introduces an eclectic mix of writers drawn from LitCampers whose names we’ve yet to discover. Sign up early to get a spot. Also featuring: Jay Bernard, Farahad Zama, Vanessa Gebbie, Bridget Whelan, Nicholas Hogg, Maggie Butt, Bilal Ghafoor, Courttia Newland…

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