Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Good Morning, Welcome to your last day on Earth

The radio pulled me from my relaxing dream (I've been dreaming about knitting and I have been waking up feeling very relaxed) to the announcement that today was everyone's last day on earth. What hype! If the scientists made a black hole it would be the size of a particle and I am sure no aliens/end of world can happen.

Yesterday I got a rejection. But it had a positive at the end: "we value your creativity and encourage you to please continue to submit new work." - Its better than "NO" or not replying.

I cheered myself up by buying a beautiful, summery new bag. I'm going to use it for LitCamp!

And no more writing project for University hanging like a piece of heavy, chav jewellery around my neck. Gave it to registry and celebrated with the boyfriend with a whole day in London. We started with a tour of Emirates stadium, British Museum for the American Scene exhibition - The prints from the 30s reminded me of Brief Encounter.


trousers said...

Well England are playing Croatia like there's no tomorrow (at least as I write).

I'm here thanks to the Black Boxes blog widget. Hi :)

Ashley Ladd said...

Hugs on your rejection. As rejections go, that's pretty good. I got a rejection yesterday, too, but not as good as yours. I surfed here on the black box widget.

SSC~ The Domestic Diva said...

Hi I found you through my widget on the black box.

Kerry said...

Ah Jess, glad your final bit a MA work is finished. No wyou can dust yourself down and start wriitng what you love to write without any contraints! But you will now be Jessica Writers (MA)